What is Trackman 4?

trackman golf

TrackMan 4 is a Dual Radar Technology that helps answer a few of golf’s most important questions: “What is the golf club doing before, during and after impact with the golf ball.”  One radar system focuses on the club, while the other tracks the golf ball from collision to its final landing point.    

TrackMan delivers conclusive data in a user-friendly format helping golfers of all levels accelerate their learning curve.  Data points on every shot are viewable on a mobile device such as a laptop, tablet or phone.  This dynamic approach allows the teacher and student to get instantaneous feedback on the practice range, short game area or live on the golf course. 

Start your journey to better golf now and unleash your potential with Goldstein Golf and TrackMan's technology.

Trackman Golf Lesson

Trackman Lesson Area at Barona


Trackman Short Game area at barona

trackman 4

Trackman Data on Every Swing


Trackman Real Time Data Sample


Goldstein Golf’s TrackMan Assessment – 90-minutes

 During this 90-minute evaluation, Goldstein Golf will analyze your golf game with the help of TrackMan 4 and High Speed Video.  While working with Coach Geoffrey, you will understand the Ball Flight Laws, learn curvature/trajectory characteristics and understand the data to reverse engineer your ball shape desires.  At the conclusion of the assessment, each student receives a customized PDF report via email containing all of their respective numbers.