...Since we started working together, we have shaved 10 strokes off of my handicap...
— Patrik C.
What I’m really seeing in terms of improvement with my game...is driving the ball further, getting more club head speed, keeping the ball in play. Being more consistent with shots...
— Patrick H.
...he’s [Geoff] going to take your game and build around it...I had 24 putts on the round. Geoff taught me about reading the green, seeing where the slope is, and the 9 foot rule...
— Gary R.
...The experience has been nothing short of outstanding, given that I’ve finally getting my game to a point where I’m feeling good about myself.
— Nick P.
...I’ve tried all the gadgets out there and as much as they gave you instant feedback, they did’t really give you the opportunity to improve. It just told you what you did wrong. But when Geoffrey came with the first session with Trackman, that was put on it’s head.
— Claus
...After working with Geoff, within 10 minutes, he changed the way I was holding the club [and] explained to me ‘Body Mechanics’. It made just a massive difference already.
— Tim O.
This TrackMan system is by far the most advanced system I’ve experienced...You can actually see your numbers and improve right in that very lesson.
— Stuart T.
TrackMan’s great. What the guys can do with that machine is pretty impressive... The numbers don’t lie.
— Tory F.
...using the TrackMan..It’s just an amazing technology. It was pretty cool to see the numbers behind what I’m feeling...I’m excited coming off of this first time looking at that, to put it into use on the course and range and see if it can net some results with my scoring.
— Brian L.
It really is a breakdown of every part of your game and you can take that information home with you. And that’s one of the things that I like. If you want to better your game and make vast improvements, definitely give Geoff a call.
— Kevin K.

Swing your way to success. My Promise to you:

"As a Former Touring Professional, I know how challenging golf can be playing for a living.  I am happy to offer my clients a coaching experience that will lead to more self-confidence, improved Golf IQ, lowering anxiety on the course and providing many ways to get the ball in the hole in the least amount of shots.  I share with each of my clients that their best golf is right ahead of them.  Now, we must commit to getting better, embrace the wave of awesome technology and enjoy the journey to better golf."


To your best rounds yet,

Coach GG