Ball Flight Coach

Delivering knowledge, application and confidence for Business Professionals

golf instruction

At Goldstein Golf, we provide our clients with a customized one-on-one experience focusing on three specific areas:

  • Knowledge
    • Golf Acumen and Situational Awareness
    • TrackMan's data and instantaneous feedback
    • Understanding The Ball-Flight Laws
    • Magic of 9'
    • O/D/N, Slope Association
    • Tour Level background and playing ability
    • The Golfer's Tool Belt
    • Online video library, clinic settings, golf trips
  • Application
    • On-course situations leading to better rounds
    • Driving the ball further
    • Increasing client's club head speed
    • Keeping the ball in play
    • Being more consistent in shots
    • Managing your tee shots affectively
    • Using The Golfer's Tool Belt in competitive rounds and club events
  • Confidence
    • Hitting the ball better than they have before
    • Breaking down the scoring barriers that have been built
    • Working with what they already have and improving it
    • Lowering inhibitions on the course
    • Stronger belief in yourself
    • Allowing the client to auto-correct when the coach is not there



Golf IQ Assessment

Range Session and 9 Hole Playing Lesson uncovering the golfer’s bugaboos and areas of improvement.

- 3 hours -

4 Swing.png

Trackman 4 Swing Evaluation

 TrackMan 4 is the choice for swing and ball flight analysis by golf’s leading authorities. Private Range Session using Trackman 4.

- 90 minutes -


Trackman 4 Combine

Standardized test that enables the golfer to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their golf game.  Private Combine Session using Trackman 4.

- 90 minutes -

Short Game.png

Short Game / ZERO Line Assessment

Short Game and Putting Proficiency
Private Assessment honing three specific greenside shots and The Magic of 9’.

- 2 hours -

9 Hole.png

9 Hole Playing Lesson

On course scenarios, situational awareness and Golf IQ in action.
Private Playing Lesson.

- 3 hours -

18 Hole.png

18 Hole Playing Lesson

On course scenarios, situational awareness and Golf IQ in action for 9 holes. Incoming 9 holes dedicated to 3 Hole Shamble, 3 Hole Best Ball and 3 Hole Scored.
Private Playing Lesson.

- 6 hours -

TrackMan 4 Half & Full Day Clinics

TrackMan 4 Academy Getaways